Neil Deochand, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Making Music Contingent on Punching Performance

The importance of regular safe physical activity is well documented in terms of maintaining physical and mental well-being, however despite the long-term benefits, few individuals develop healthy exercise routines. One solution is to integrate automated behavior analysis solutions into technology to minimize costs of trainer or coach mediated interventions. Currently, many devices on the market rely on visual feedback or verbal prompts to track, or improve exercise performance. Relying on displays to check performance requires intermittently checking a screen to track activity levels. Additionally, verbal feedback although suitable for learning a new activity, could be intrusive to routine exercises. Therefore incorporating feedback in the music so that the sounds adjust based on performance is one possible way to bypass these issues. This premise was tested in a boxing workout to examine if our music/ visual feedback package resulted in improved exercise performance compared to listening to unaltered music.