2008 MOABA Conference

The fifth annual MOABA Convention had a great turn out this year! We had some exciting presenters and interesting topics. Thanks again to everyone who assisted in making this a huge success.

Friday, November 21st

The Chicago School Paper Session

Traci Cihon, Ph.D., BCBA: Skinner’s Verbal Behavior: What he’s really telling us is what to count

Diana Walker, Ph.D.: Ethics for the Educator: BACB, APA, and Legal Guidelines Raymond Miltenberger, Ph.D., BCBA: Behavior Skills Training

Tom Higbee, Ph.D., BCBA: Building School District Capacity for the Provision of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Students with Autism

Kevin P. Klatt, Ph.D., BCBA: Research conducted for young children with autism at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Campus Autism Program

Saturday, November 22nd

Raymond Miltenberger, Ph.D., BCBA: Improving Your Interpersonal Effectiveness as a Behavior Analyst

Tom Higbee, Ph.D., BCBA: Promoting Spontaneous Language Use in Children with Autism

John Eshleman, Ph.D.: Standard Celeration Charting

Justin Leaf, M.A. and Wes Dotson, M.A.,BCBA: Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism using theTeaching Interaction Procedure