2007 MOABA Conference

The fourth annual MOABA Convention was fantastic! This was thanks in part to everyone who presented and all of the volunteers that helped out.

Friday, November 2nd

Eric J. Fox, PhD: The Need to Move Beyond Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior…..Verbal Behavior and Relational Frame Theory

Ron Leaf, PhD; B.J. Freeman, PhD; and Mitch Taubman, PhD: Current Developments in the Field of Behavior Analysis and Their Implications

The Chicago School Poster Session

Saturday, November 3rd

Colin Peeler, PhD, BCBA: Behavior Therapy: What it is and How it Can Help

Kimberly Thier, PhD: Positive Behavior Supports and Strategies

Amy Buie, MS, BCBA: Reinforcement Based Strategies for Behavior Reduction

Michelle Kelk, BCBA: ABA and PBS: Definitions, Comparisons, Applications