Jason Simmons, MA, BCBA

Some Important Considerations for Designing a Successful ABA Provider Agency: Employee Engagement, Staff Accountability & Company Branding Guidelines…

The increase in BCBAs over the past 10+ years resulted in the creation of many behavior-health provider agencies, providing ABA services. Highly successful ABA provider agencies are more than just a conglomerate of contracted staff agreements with minimum weekly billable requirements and on-time clinical notes. Important issues related to business development will be discussed, most of these considerations are not formally addressed in traditional ABA graduate training programs. These items will be discussed in the context of the following: (a) branding guidelines, (b) employee engagement, (c) frequent feedback from all staff, (d) job satisfaction, (e) employee accountability, (f) performance scorecards as well as (g) the importance of business image, reputation, service quality, overall supervision and other aspects of business development that are often overlooked. The panel discussion will be provided in an open forum designed to solicit questions from the audience regarding business development strategies. Participants are urged to ask questions and engage the panel in conversations about aspects of their own successes & failures.