State and Federal Emergency Legislative Actions

90-day delay for Federal Tax Payments

House Bill 6201

Missouri Mandates

National and State Resources

US Government

Coronavirus Dashboard (searchable by state)

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control

Department of Education Guidance

MO Department of Education Resources

MO Department of Health and Human Services


National Association Resources



Telehealth Resources

CASP Guidebook on Telehealth

HHS Guidelines on Telehealth during coronavirus pandemic

Comprehensive Training and FREE Webinars from Zoom focused on using their platform to work remotely and deliver telehealth services CASP Training on Telehealth 

Rethink Training on Telehealth

CALABA Telehealth and the practice of ABA

References to Articles Supporting Telehealth Delivery of Applied-Behavior-Analysis Services.(CASP)

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Resources for Families

MoDE Foundation: Missouri Disability Empowerment Foundation


NASP Resources for Talking with Children about Coronavirus (available in 5 languages)

Autism Speaks Info for Supporting Persons with Autism During Coronavirus

Additional activities to do at home: (i.e. virtue field, explaining covid19 to children, worksheets)

Handling School Closures AU speaks

101 Great Resources for Homeschooling Children with Autism

NASP Resources for Talking with Children about Coronavirus (available in 5 languages)

Free RBT training

Multilingual Resources on COVID-19

Free Resources for those in need

  • Charter is offering free internet to those who do not currently have service
  • Zoom is offering the use of their platform
  • Teachtown

Business Resources

Tracker: Financial Assistance for Businesses Hit by the Coronavirus

Harvard Business Review – Leading & Working Through a Pandemic

FREE HR Training from Cornerstone related to Coronavirus

Small Business Association Guidance for Employers to Respond to Coronavirus


Fisher Phillips

(3/25 @10am PST) The Families First Coronavirus Act – Implications for ABA Businesses and Their Employees (Free webinar for ABA businesses and employees – register below:

CEU Resources

Central reach has opened their full CEU library for those needing CEUs.
Here’s the link!