The classes, rights, privileges, qualifications and obligations of members of this corporation are as follows:

  1. Categories of Membership – Membership is open to all persons interested in or actively engaged in teaching, research, and/or application of the principles and procedures of behavior analysis. Membership is not restricted to residents of the State of Missouri. Membership will be in one of three classes:
    1. Professional Member – Any individual working in a discipline directly related to or involving behavior analysis and whose full time professional commitment includes teaching, research, and/or practice in behavior analysis may apply for membership in this category.
    2. Nonprofessional Member – Any individual evidencing interest in the discipline of behavior analysis, but lacking formal training, may apply for this class of membership.
    3. Student Member – Any individual pursuing formal training in the discipline of behavior analysis but not yet gainfully employed therein on at least a half-time basis may apply for membership on this category. Such application must be accompanied by an endorsement of a Professional Member certifying the applicant’s student status. Student members may vote through the student representative and hold office.
  2. Voting – Each Professional member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought before the Association. There shall be no proxy voting.
  3. Application for Membership – Persons desiring to apply for membership in the Missouri Association for Behavior Analysis must submit a completed application form, together with such endorsements recommendations and any application fee that may be required, to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee. The Committee shall notify the applicant promptly of the receipt of application. The Committee shall consider the application and inform the applicant of its action within six months of the date of receipt.

The MOABA membership cycle is 9/1 to 8/31. This means that all memberships expire 8/31.